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Kelly Bos

There are three little angels that adorn my Christmas tree. They are lovely, delicate, and unique. I cherish them, but mostly for who they represent, someone who is no longer with me at Christmas.    

Many of us have things we highly value for these same reasons. It might be something rather unremarkable to the rest of the world, but for us it provides a bit of connection to someone from the past. Last week, I wrote an article on dealing with grief during the holidays. The article talks about keeping traditions that you are ready for, that make you feel healthy and good. Hanging the angels always gives me a sense of peace and provides me time to pause, reflect, and remember while I hang them.

I reached out to some of the other YMC bloggers and got some beautiful symbolic actions and tributes. Thank you Kat and Sharon!

Sharon DeVellis from The Inside Scoop shares this: “My Mom passed away when I was ten weeks pregnant with my son. She made an angel for her own tree that I took for our family and now the boys take turns on alternating years putting the angel on top of the tree in her memory."

Kat Inokai from Trying Times states: “Every year I make my Grandma's traditional cabbage roll recipe, and I pour her a cup of coffee while I cook. We used to love cooking together while we had a coffee. I like feeling like she's there with me. I also sometimes set a place at the table for everyone who's not with us: Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Cousins, and close friends. It's a way of remembering and sharing in the present at the same time.”

I love this gift idea for remembering a loved one who has passed:

It is now an inspiration for a gift for my Mom and her best friend who will be ten years without the third of their close-knit, tea-drinking trio this March. I grew up with her in my life—even called her Auntie—and I miss her. As my Mom says, she was a woman of occasion and hosted our annual Christmas get-together. I miss her phone calls, her shortbread cookies, yorkshire pudding, trifle, and lime cordial. She was a wonderful woman.

The angels were a gift from her.

What traditions or sentimental items have you kept or treasured? What honouring gifts are you giving this Christmas in remembrance?


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