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Kelly Bos

Flying can be trying. It is best to be prepared with entertainment, appropriate clothing, and anything that makes your flight more comfortable and enjoyable. With March break coming up, I wanted to share some of my best flying tips. We fly a lot as a family, so I thought I would share tips that were fresh in my mind, as we were literally en route. Some of the tips I have honed over the years: layers, moisturizing, always drinking tomato juice, one tip came from being a mom—the importance of entertainment, and one tip has evolved from stuffing kleenex up my nose every time I went to the airport bathroom to having vapour rub available. Hope you find these tips fresh and useful. Happy flying! 


The Travel Cheat Sheet:

1. Bring entertainment for your children

2. Moisturize!

3. Experience something new with your taste buds

4. Dress in layers

5. Protect your nose

6. Travel solo whenever you can!

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