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13 Keep Calm and Carry-On Travel Hacks for the Whole Family

Kelly Bos


With holidays and school breaks approaching, many families will load up the car, catch the train or board a flight. The excitement of the time away is tempered only by the actual journey which can be long, involve a lot of togetherness and can make everyone a little stir crazy. I recently moved back to Canada after living in the Caribbean for the last seven years. We were back and forth regularly with our children and I learned a few tricks along the way. There are so many great hacks out there and every little bit helps. I did a little research, asked around and compiled a list of multipurpose travel hacks that aren't heavy, bulky or too big for a purse or carry-on. Now unless you are sporting a tote with the power of a Mary Poppins carpet bag you might not want to packall of these, however, these items do double duty on a myriad of day to day and travel related problems...