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6 Things That Will Happen Before Gender Equality

Kelly Bos



March 8th is International Women's Day — a day to celebrate social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The theme this year is #pushforparity. Since the time of suffragettes there have been massive advances in the world, however, in many places progress remains slow and the gender gap is not predicted to be closing any time soon — currently predicted in 2015 at 2133, and sadly up from the 2014 prediction of 2095. The push is important and key to economic development and business performance as woman's advancement in senior leadership shows increases in profitability, innovation and ROI.

Here are 6 Things that Will Happen before 2133:

For You: Many limbs down your family tree!

There will be two greats before this grandchild's name. I did the math, which if you knew me shows how much I love you, the YMC reader. Assuming you had your first child now and your child and all future female lineage also have their child at around age 30, close to the Canadian average, than your great great grandchild will see established equality among women around the time they are having a child themselves, and although I am happy for her, it is a few too many greats for my liking and way too far from my daughter reality.

Space: Martians for Gender Equality!

In 2025 there will be the first colony on Mars. I met Mars 100 shortlist candidate Karen Cummings, at social media conference Blissdom a couple of years ago. She is passionate about making history and telling this story and she is also very normal. Despite the skeptical voices on living on Mars you can't help but get excited for her. With 50% women represented on the Mars Mission, yep, that's right, Martians will beat earth in the push for parity.