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Are You On Track for Your "New Year" Goals?

Kelly Bos


January is past the half way mark and it is a great time to check in with our goals. Due to the annual tradition of New Year resolutions, this part of the year becomes a time of reflection and a time to focus on self-improvement. The statistics aren't great on the whole process, but reflection and goal setting are always useful practices especially when done with some grace. To do this, hold onto your goals, the dates and the journey a little loosely, accepting that change takes time and just commit to learning and striving to move forward. If you feeling in a slump because you have been rigid in your goals and the outcome, consider changing this with the tips below. And hey, it is only mid January and we can definitely make a come back, the whole year is still ahead of us! 

Here are some ways to get back on track with your goals:

Reality Check : First, make sure that your goals are realistic. Maybe you haven't been consistently achieving the daily hour planned for learning spanish. That is okay, it might just be that the hour is not realistic with your schedule and current work demands. This is information gained that you can use to make some adjustments.

Goal Gear: Whether your goals are for your career, fitness or general wellness, there are gadgets, planners, books, and apps that can help. What are you reading to inspire? What scheduling app have you been meaning to download? Would a fitness tracker help your progress? I know that my Garmin Vivofit Christmas gift is still waiting for me to program it (tomorrow, I swear). Here is a useful list of items from yoga teacher and plant based recipe guru Nicole MacPherson to help with your fitness goals. Also, grab a planner to help with all things goal related. I am really enjoying my Passion Planner this year but there are so many styles out there, here are a few great ones I found for last year. Find a fit and invest in some simple gadgets that can help you succeed.



Make it Enjoyable: If you aren't enjoying the steps planned to acheive your targets, change it up. If that exercise class is more groan than gain, find another one. Get your goals met in a new and fun way. Nutritionist and health nut Jason Spilberg says that "An easy and effective way to get all the good foods that may not taste great into your diet is to throw them into a smoothie.” And if it doesn't taste good, he finds a pineapple makes anything taste good. So find the proverbial pineapple for your plan!

Who is in Your Corner: It is so hard to meet challenges alone. Find some support by bringing someone else in for accountability or guidance to meet your targets. It could be a friend or family member but consider getting a counsellor, a coach or a trainer if you are finding it difficult to stick to your resolutions. Business Coach Ross Blaine states that “everyone needs someone to give them a new perspective on issues both business and personal. Successful people will be the first to recognize that they need feedback that is practical and applicable.” 

Evaluate your Practices: A good routine is going to help you reach goals. Start with the basics making wellness and health a priority. You will be better able to reach goals when you have your sleep, nutrition and fitness on track. A great morning routine can also be useful. I often suggest clients try morning pages, a great way to process and plan.


As you evaluate your goals for this year, remember to be kind to yourself. Getting to your goals might only require a little tweak here and there and a good amount of grace. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Life is a journey, not a destination". We can always evaluate, adjust and find new and more beneficial ways to journey towards these aims.